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Spend a few minutes reading the following description and you will know exactly what can you find in Eurotool and where.


  •  Email Service. Your friends and partners never remember your email? Eurotool gives you a free easy new address to forward your email.
  •  Cooperate with us. Would you like to participate in this project by being the responsible for the information about your country or any other task? Contact us right now!
  •  Sitemap. Lost? Check the sitemap.
  •  Search. Looking for something? Get it with Search.
  •  Contact us. Know who is behind this web site and send us your questions or comments.

Program YOUTH. All the official information about the program YOUTH as found in the European Commission’s Users’ Guide of the program.

  •  Users' Guide. A full description of each of the five different options inside the program: Youth for Europe Exchanges (Action 1), European Voluntary Service (Action 2), Youth Initiatives (Action 3), Joint Actions (Action 4) and Support Measures (Action 5), together with other relevant information.
  •  List of National Agencies. The contact addresses of the organisms responsible for the program in every country.
  •  FAQ. Frequently Asked Questions. 
Organizations. Do you need to get in contact with an organization or to know which organizations are working with environmental projects in England? Check this database to find a description of all the organizations and networks participating in the program sorted by country and action.
  •  By country. Organizations sorted by country.
  •  By action. Organizations sorted by action 1-5.
  •  Get a web. Your organization doesn't have a web site? Eurotool gives you the opportunity to get one for free.

Apply. All the steps of the application process for each different Action, from the requirements of each part to the online delivery of the application.

  •  Requirements. Specific requirements for each of the parts involved.
  •  Filling Advice. Advice on how to successfully fill in an application to get your project approved or join a project.
  •  Application. All applications in all languages.
  •  Online Delivery. Automatic online delivery of your application to the according National Agency.
  •  Downloads. A list of all the original official documents you can download from Eurotool.

Useful Information

  •  People with Special Needs. Information about the participation of people with special needs, in the different programs and organizations.
  •  Papers. A list of the essential papers needed in each country depending on your nationality and your project (such as visa, health card, banc account, etc).
  •  First Aid. A first aid course to take with you.
  •  Cheap Services and Tips. Save money knowing what discounts and privileges are available for young people for transport, museums, cinema, etc. in each country. If you are going on a project or visiting a friend, don’t miss the special section with cheap transport and accommodation options.
  •  Links. Links to many other interesting websites about young people and the Program Youth.


  •  Facts. Flag, currency, population, languages, ethnic groups, telephones and addresses of the embassies, useful phones, time zones, online weather forecast, maps...
  •  History. Historical retrospection.
  •  Holidays. National holidays –or know beforehand when shops will be closed!
  •  Culture. Dances, music, traditions…
  •  Events. Festivals and special events.
  •  Language. Express language courses and online dictionaries.
  •  Jobs and Rooms. Looking for a job or a room? Try here.
  •  Weather. See how the weather is like elsewhere in Europe.

Projects. Understand better the philosophy of each Action, get ideas and know more about most of the projects done till now within each Action.

Communication. The most human and live section of the site, communicate about and with YOUTH.

  •  Forum. Reading and writing... about everything, from everybody.
  •  Mailing List. Keep posted.
  •  Chat. Talk online with old or future friends and partners.
  •  I have a problem. You have a problem but you don't know to whom to address it or nobody wants to listen to you? Leave your message after the beep.
  •  Dear National Agency. Any congratulations, suggestions or questions you would like to share with everybody? This is your space to write a public letter to the National Agency.


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