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Dear National Agency

Welcome to Eurotool.net,
the information, expression, and communication
tool for the program YOUTH.

Either if you are now participating in the program, you were, you are interested in it, or this is the first time you ever heard this name, this website is for you!

Just read further and you will discover that Eurotool is an endless source of information and your platform to let your voice be heard.

Eurotool provides you with information taken from official sources and real experiences about what is youth, how do you apply, what has been done till now, what do you really experience, but also with information about the countries that take part in the program, from their history and time zone to cheap accommodation and cultural events.


Besides, it is a communication bridge between everybody who has been involved in the program since its creation in 1996 and for anybody who wants to be involved in it. So that you can talk and ask as much as you want -wherever you are.

What is YOUTH?

YOUTH is a program from the European Commission for young people aged between 15 and 25  and for people working in the youth field. Together with other programs, it constitutes a European space for alternative education through the cooperation of the member states. And what do you get? The possibility to go for a while (from a few days up to 12 months) to a member state to work there in different fields with other young people.

The aim of the program is clear: to give a formative experience to the young people so they are better prepared for the future, at the same time that they understand better what is Europe and they get involved in its construction.
To achieve this goal, it promotes initiative, mobility, intercultural learning and solidarity within the young people, the organizations, and the communities where they live.


Ready to start using this tool? Have a nice trip!
And please don’t hesitate to send us any questions or suggestions you have!

  •  Wanting to learn a new language? Get started in Eurotool's express language courses!

  •  See how the weather is like elsewhere in Europe at the moment!

  •  The User's Guides give you the most detailed practical info on the Program YOUTH, in eight languages!

  •  If you like to send an EVS expression of interest, please use our on-line system.

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