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Youth for Europe Projects

Here you can read about approved Youth for Europe Projects, and maybe get inspiration for your own projects!

Responsible organization: Hienet
Duration: 9 days
Place of the realization: Piraeus, Athens
Olympic Youth web

The Olympic Youth web was a Youth exchange which took place in the summer 2002. There were
participating 70 people from 13 different countries of Europe and create in  a Web page about the history about the Olympic Games. It was very interesting and the result is a very nice Web page. Take a look!

Responsible organization: Hienet
Place of the realization: Chios, Greece
Multimedia Crossroad

The Multimedia Crossroad is the follow-up of the Youth exchange Multimedia Camp 2000 in Cologne. It took place in summer 2001 on the island Chios in the northeast of the Aegean sea. In different workshops, 70 young people from 11 countries of Europe created with the help of new multimedia a contribution for a cultural exchange.

Greece and Norway  
Participan organizations:
- Cultural Association of Kipseli Artas
- Digitalis
Duration: 11 days
Place of the realization:
Volda, Norway &
Kipseli Artas, Greece
Friendship Through Cultural Experiences

Friendship Through Cultural Experiences was a bilateral
Youth Exchange which took place in Volda, Norway, 2002,
and in Athens/Kipseli Artas, Greece, 2003. The
participants were people from Digitalis youth choir and a
Greek traditional dancing group from the Cultural
Association of Kipseli Artas. Throughout the project we
discussed differences and similarities in our cultures,
taught each other songs, dances and traditional cooking.
We explored the area around the venue of the exchange,
through different activities, and we became close friends.
We also had performances which involved the local
community both in Norway and in Greece.

Norway and Portugal  
Participant organizations:
- Digitalis
- Coro de Santa Maria
Duration: 9 days
Place of the realization:
Lisbon, Portugal &
Volda, Norway
Sound of Friendship

The Sound of Friendship was a bilateral Youth Exchange
between a youth choir from Portugal and a youth choir from
Norway. The first part took place in Lisbon, Portugal,
October 1999, and the second part in Volda, Norway, April
2000. 60 young people with the common interest of singing,
met and rehearsed together, got to know each other,
discussing cultural issues, and made performances.



Responsible organization: Society of Allies for Soft Landing
Duration: 9 days
Place of the realization: Posavje, Slovenia
Get the Picture

Get the Picture is a youth exchange program, which was
carried out as a part of EU Youth Programme. 24 young
people from Netherlands and Slovenia were participants in
this film seminar.
The main purpose of it was to enable young people to come
across different cultures and to open some new
perspectives in old things through some activities.
Workshops, lectures and some trips in the surroundings
offered new knowledge to the participants.
The emphasis in the project was on the creation of videos,
the participants were finding out about this media in
small groups. In only nine days they filmed 12 short

United Kingdom  
Responsible organization: Society of Allies for Soft Landing
Duration: 8 days
Place of the realization: Wales, United Kingdom


Within the projects of Society of Allies for Soft Landing young people from Posavje went to Wales in September 2002. It was a 8 – day lasting peace festival, where young people from different parts of Europe (Netherlands, Spain, Sardinia, Romania, Poland, Wales, Israel and Slovenia) discussed peace, participated in different workshops (dance, singing, theatre…), looked
around the countryside and checked out the sheep. The main happening was a peace fest, where they created a protest note against the attack in Iraq and took it to London to hand it over to Tony Blair. He was absent so they gave it to his secretary. Next year they are planning a peace fest in Poland.


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