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Short study visits

Proposal for the 1st semester 2004

Asphalt jungle: Youth expression tool

Hosting organization : Bureau International Jeunesse (BIJ).

Theme : « Asphalt jungle: youth expression tool» urban culture, a tool for European youth projects.
The concept of “Urban cultures” essentially includes hip-hop culture and its four disciplines: rap, break-dance, street/urban art and DJing but also other expressions of culture (theatre, music, creative writing, video and photography etc...) which are the product of a new creative energy unique to the suburbs and social housing areas in our big cities.
- Can these means of expression be used as pedagogical tools for socially integrating young people?
- Youth culture and the expression of youth culture?

Place : Differents towns in Wallonia and Brussels.

Dates : May 19.-27. 2004

Participants : You are a youth worker or you work in the sector and you wish to create youth exchange projects on the theme of urban cultures.

Number of participants : 20 participants from Europe, of which 5 from the French speaking community of Belgium.

Accomodation : Youth hostel.

Participation : The cost of meals and accommodation expenses will be covered by the Hosting organization.

Language : French - English.


16 February – 23 February 2005

HOST AGENCY Connect Youth Eastern Region

PLACE Wicken House Residential Centre Wicken Bonhunt Saffron Waldon Essex County Council

DATES 16 – 23 February 2005


THEME Drugs Awareness


To enable those working with young people to gain awareness, develop skills, break down [prejudices and enable themselves and colleagues to work with young people. Enabling young people to:

  • Make informed choices, develop attitudes and knowledge and break down prejudices
  • To provide opportunities for young people to increase their awareness of drugs related issues
  • To provide open discussion – looking at each other’s views and social attitudes
  • Create opportunities for participants to explore health-related issues
  • Develop relationships/ plan future exchanges with young people

SHORT STUDY VISIT - During the short study visit, participants will be able to look and and try out (games) resources. There will be icebreakers, group discussions, speakers from Drug agencies and Youth Service. Visits to youth centers/drug agencies.

TYPE OF ACCOMMODATION - A detached residential centre in its own grounds. 2 sharing a room. Max 20 people.

Education by sports, method of inclusion for young people with fewer opportunities

Short Study Visit
from 7 to 14 November 2004 at the Eisenborn Training Centre (L)

Hosting Structure : The Centre National d’Information et d’Echanges pour Jeunes A.S.B.L.
(CNIEJ) in cooperation with the Service National de la Jeunesse (SNJ)
and the National Agency Luxembourg (AN) of the youth programme

Meeting Place : The SNJ Trainig Centre at Eisenborn, 15 km from Luxembourg-City

Accomodation : 2-bed-rooms in a Youth Hostel

Participants : 20 at least 18 years old people from the programme countries

Languages : french and english with an interpreter

Objectives :

• give an overwiew of youth policy in the field of education by sports in Luxembourg
• visit formal and non-formal education structures and projects promoting the inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities by sports
• evaluate inclusion methods using values vehiculated by sports as ways of development for educational and social competences in a multicultural environment
• allow participants to elaborate future cooperation projects between themselves and in collaboration with those youth structure responsibles they will meet during the SSV
• inform about the Youth programme and the activities of the Luxembourg National Agency
• induce a process of intercultural learning between participants
• explore the culture of Luxembourg

Profile of the participants :

• professionals and volunteers in the field of formal or non-formal education, sports, youth and social work
• interested in international exchanges and intercultural learning about education and inclusion by sports

Outreaching youth work

Short Study Visit in the Netherlands

Our organisation is a non-profit organisation called “ Palet Culemborg” and knows different disciplines. (

  • Youth work
  • Community work

Our work area is Culemborg.

The department of youth work would like to invite you for a Short Study Visit in Culemborg 9-10 till 16-10 2004. The theme of this week will be “outreaching youth work”

How to involve (social disadvantaged) youth in all sorts of activities: cultural ,political, social, school, work etc.
We think it’s very important that youth participate in there own way, on there own level. There for our youth workers go to places were young people hang around and try to activate them. An important part of the study visit will be for the participants participating in our outreaching projects.

During the SSV we will visit all sorts of (umbrella) organisations who work with the youngsters. They will give us information how they work with the youngsters. We are invited to the city hall where the alderman will tell us about their policy according youth.

We will visit an academic school for social work and participate in their lessons. And above all, you will meet a lot of youngsters who like to know you and want to know how you work with youngsters. Different youth groups will show you all kind of things, and invite you to participate. Of course there will be time for fun things, like visiting a (tourist) city or window-shopping. So we hope to see you in October 2004 in Culemborg and of course we will give you a warm welcome.

With the best regards also from Jeanne van Asseldonk (general Director),

Margriet van Loon
Team leader youth work

Meetings for creative support

Hosting organisation: Foundation for Social and Economic Initiatives

Place: Warsaw

Dates: 7 – 12 February, 2005

Foundation for Social and Economic Initiatives is a non-governmental organisation, founded in 1990.Its mission is to support local development of civil society, both in Poland and abroad. FISE’s aims include: professional activation of disadvantaged youth, working to support underdeveloped regions, especially rural areas and small towns, promoting and supporting social, economic and cultural initiatives, work to support European integration, and the development of contacts and co-operation between societies, support to self-government, public institutions, non-governmental organisations and private sector work to support the development of local communities, work to support the development of entrepreneurship.

Aim: to improve the activities of NGOs engaged in youth issues by exchanging experience, to make new contacts, find partners for projects and to practicaly implement the knowledge gained during the visit by creating a ‘Virtual Project’ and other such projects. The project will also focus on breaking down stereotypes linked to the countries of central and eastern Europe, and to deepen understanding of other cultures, as well as providing examples of Polish organisations which encourage young people to be creative.

Methodology: study visit will take the form of lectures, discussions, consultations with experts, practical training, visits to various organisations and institutions. The programme of the visit involves gaining both theoretical knowledge and practical skills in informal education. The subjects covered by the visit programme have been consulted with experts in youth issues. We have tried to highlight those questions that cause the greatest challenge to NGOs dealing with young people.

The programme will involve people from different cultures. Interactive practical, theoretical and cultural trips will break the ice between participants, and help to breakdown preconceptions related to prejudice and racism. Our awareness of the cultural gap between the foreign participants has led us to plan a project to make the differences a diversity to be proud of instead of a problem.

Working language: English



Hosting organisation: Association for Children and Youth CHANCE

Place: Glogow

Dates: 20 – 25 November 2004

This study visit is meant to be a common platform for those involved in peer education programs to share practical examples of involving peer education as an educational concept both in local and European activities, especially in projects organized within YOUTH Program (youth initiatives, seminars and youth exchanges).

- to share knowledge and experience gained in running peer education programs with/for young people
- to learn about different concepts of peer education
- to discuss and identify the factors that influence the quality of projects with/for young people
- to develop new partnerships and joint projects that use peer education
- to provide participants with the possibility to clarify different educational approaches used in peer education

Participants of the study visit will be engaged in a variety of methods – group work, presentations, and simulation. They will also have a chance to visit 2 projects and get directly in contact with young people. This will enable participants to experience reality not only the theory. They will be encouraged to discuss different issues in smaller groups and in plenary as well. Certain amount of time will be spent on developing co-operation and peer education projects.

Participants: The project is targeted at youth workers, youth leaders, trainers, who:
- have some experience in planning and implementing peer education youth projects on local, regional and/or European levels
- are affiliated to organization/institution/group which work directly with young people
- want to develop their know-how on peer education educational approaches
- are interested in co-operation and partnership with European partners in order to develop joint projects in peer education would
- like to learn from experience an practices of different youth organizations

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