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New Projects

Here you can find requests for partners to join a YOUTH project. If your project is not here, send us the information orcontact us!

Looking for partners:

Contact Seminar in Holland, August 2004

Youth leaders with interest in projects focused on sports may take part in a contact seminar 18-22 of August in Waddenzee, Holland.

The contact seminar is focused on sports as a means for youth projects, and the aim is to develop youth projects where sports is included as a working method for learning about each others cultures.

The seminar's target group is youth leaders in organizations who wants to develop international youth projects with sports as a subject, and who are looking for foreign cooperation partners. The participants should be able to swim and generally be interested in physical activities, since the seminar takes place in a ship.

The working language is English and the working methods will be a combination of sports activities, work shops and exchange of experiences.

The participation fee is 100 euro, and the Dutch YOUTH office pays for the hosting and meals.
It is possible to apply for support of travel expenses from your National Agency.

Deadline for joining the project is 23 of June 2004.

Contact Seminar in Sweden, October 2004

The 12-17 of October 2004 will the Swedish Ungdomsstyrelsen arrange a contact seminar for youth leaders and youth workers from Scandinavia and North-Eastern Europe, which means Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

Aims of the Contact Seminar:

  • To create new projects within Youth and The Swedish National Inheritance Fund
  • To create contacts and cooperation between Scandinavia and Eastern Europe in general
  • To spread information and knowledge about the possibilities of YOUTH and The Swedish National Inheritance Fund.

So if you are a youth leader, youth worker ect. and is interested in creating contact with youth leaders or youth organizations in North-Eastern Europe, and if you have concrete ideas of cooperation, you can get more information and applications from Philip Soenderberg ps@ciriusmail.dk.

The deadline for joining the project is 1st of September. It is possible to apply for support of travel expenses.

Dear friends!

I write you to explain a new project that we want to prepare within the youth programme Action 5...

It will be a training course and the title is not clear yet, but it will be more or less:
"How to create a funny atmosphere in the exchanges and activities with youngster between 15 and 20 years old"

What do we want to do?
We want to learn techniques to decorate the places where the activities take place. We also want to learn techniques to face-paint but in a professional way (like FX paintings with latex and artificial blood...). We want to learn also about creative cooking, to create funny foods related to the subject of the activity....

This is more or less the idea that we have about the activities... We think that we can choose some themes (Horror, Fantasy) and do all the workshops around them...

And what about the dates? this is the very interesting... We suggest that we do it for the New Year’s Eve time!!!
We would like to start the activities the 30th of December (so you should arrive the 29th of December), and we would end the 6th of January (so you would go back home the 7th)

We would also take part in some big activities here in our area the 5th of January (that's the night when the 3 wise men come to every child’s houses and leave presents!)...

To sum up... It would be an eight days training course on techniques about how to create a festive atmosphere when doing activities with youth aged 15-20y.o.

Where? In SPAIN!!!

All the activities will take place in Alaquas. It’s a town with a population of 26000 and 6Km away from Valencia (Spain). It’s not clear yet, but we will be sleeping in the swimming pool building, next to the gym, so you will need your sleeping bag!!! There is no youth hostal in Alaquas, that’s why we will try to sleep there… Anyway, we are not sure yet… we’ll see.

You will have to find a transportation until: Valencia Airport (Manises) There’s only one, so it will be easy… Or if you come by plane until Madrid, then you will have to find a train to Aldaya (or Aldaia both are correct). There are some direct trains Madrid-Aldaia or either Madrid-Valencia (Alaris) and Valencia-Aldaia (10minutes train).

The best… Coming to Valencia by plane… Please, check the low price internet airlines (volareweb.com for example)

This is also another important fact... the training course will be done in Spanish and English, so we suggest that all the participants can speak a little Spanish and of course English.

We want to meet with youth leaders who are active at the moment, so we want people who are in daily (or weekly) contact with youth or children. We want to meet with other youth workers like us, who want to improve their skills and who don’t feel shy when dressing like a clown or when painting their faces or singing in the street. (There’s no age-limit in this activity)
We suggest 2 participants per organisation, not more to avoid the creation of small groups of friends, and to enable the group-relation.

Fees (money, money, money…)
Europe will (if they approve this project) give us money for the accommodation and food of the days of the course, so we will care about that… But as you know, Europe also wants cofinanciation in the activities, so the participants must pay 30% of their travel expenses as a way of co-funding the activity. (This is the usual situation)

You will have to pay for your trip in advance, and later, here in Spain, you will get your money back…

Other interesting facts:

  • During the entire training course we will also focus on the new technologies applications to youth work, and so, we will add a web-cam live in the activities that we do, so that it will also be an ON-LINE training!!!
  • All the trainers will be carefully chosen to guarantee a high level training course.
  • We will set a wall to show the others what we do in our organisations, so we suggest that you start collecting fotos and brochures and any nice things that you can bring to show or give to the others.
  • There will be an intercultural party, so we suggest that you bring some costumes or traditional dressings (if possible) from your country. Also, of course, some food or drink to share with the others.
  • The 6th of January (in fact it’s the night of the 5th-6th), here in Spain, it’s the biggest day for children… It’s something like 25th December in most countries… It’s the presents day, and everychild gets presents from their parents (theoretically, they come from the 3 wise men). So that, we suggest that you bring a present from your country to be given to other person. It will be a surprise until last day, so we suggest that you don’t bring any food… And about the cost of the present, we suggest something around 10 euros (not more, ok?). You will not know who are you giving your present, so it should be something suitable for everyone… (easy, isn’t it? ;) )

If you want to take part in this funny activity, we need these documents from you:

  • Part III (don’t forget the signature and the stamp of your organisation!!!)
    o One part III document per organisation will be enough
  • Letter of interest (explain in one paper of your organisation, the reasons why you want to come and why it’s interesting for your organisation, also write the names of the participants)
  • We need to know your travel plan (the means of transport and the cities that you will pass). We don’t need the schedule (not for the moment). We also need to know how much will it be and if you can get a paper from a travel agency saying the amount, that would be perfect!!! Consider that the trip will be in december, so it’s still far away… tell the travel agency to write a price a little higher that it is now, to avoid problems with price rise.
  • Suggestions of activities that you would like to do…

All the documents we need the first by e-mail, then fax (+34 961210731) and then by post (urgent) to:

Antonio Benaches Bodí
C/ Pilar, 29
Silla (46460) – Valencia

Part III.  Partner organisation(s) / groups(s)

Please fill in this page for each of your partner organisation(s) / group(s).

Has also applied for this project to its National Agency :




  not applicable


A.  Details of the partner organisation / group



Street address












"Make friends with Music" - Malta

Under Action 3 of the YOUTH program, our youth association got funds last summer to developed a project called "Make friends with Music". This year we would like to find partners to run our local initiative into a networking project.

The main purpose of the initiative was to convey music to young people with fewer opportunities using our young members. The participants where all disabled in some way either physically or mentally.

We would like to forge links with youth organizations working with vulnerably young people so that we can bring this concept to them in their country.

Contact details:

Caroline Crutchley

E-mail: jeunessesmusicalesmalta@yahoo.com

"Chinchorro (Hamaton) – Made in Europe" - Austria

We are looking for interested and motivated young and creative people from all over Europe in order to produce art work and to publish a book.

Our Action 3 – network project has the common theme: "What a crazy world we’re livin’ in!" (the work should concern following topics: life and lifestyles, cultures and customs, specific traditions and different languages, forms of housing, schooling, freetiming, feelings, etc.)

The activities are all web-based. Therefore every participant should have the opportunity to connect to internet. An interactive networking platform will be created where all ideas, works or problems can be displayed, presented and exchanged. Art will be the tool for all the work (literature, photography, drawing, painting etc.)

The project’s main title is "RosesOverRainbow" and the subtitle for the book is "Chinchorro (Hamaton) – Made in Europe" (which can be used as a good symbol to indicate the topic and might be changed too!!)

We hope to find at least 4 participants per country (if possible two male and two female). We are open up to the maximum of 30 people, i.e. 7 or 8 countries.

The participants should be between 16 and 25 years old.

The project’s official working language is ENGLISH. But when writing texts (lyric, prose, short stories, poems etc.) it is dearly important to keep the opportunity to write in ones own language (mother tongue). So we intend to produce the book in all official European languages but translate every peace of work into English!

Please we need the help of everyone, as the deadline is very near to come. So if you yourself don’t like to produce art work but you know somebody who is good at it, any creative friend or relative etc., please tell them about this project and ask them to contact us asap!

Contact details:

RosesOverRainbow – Chinchorro
Mr. Bandi Koeck
Fellengatter 26
A-6820 Frastanz
Austria, Vorarlberg

0043 5522 3431-319
0043 650 2810123
0043 5522 3431-4

E-mail: koeckb@feldkirch.sparkasse.at // bakibania@hotmail.com

"20.000 Leagues" - France

Searching for associations that works against social exclusion by the means of culture & art.

So does pulsart : Since 1994 we are involved into many actions against exclusion in ghettos, suburbias, hospitals and jails. People participate to build up something they will be proud of. They Express themselves through creation. And of course they learn some new skills with professionals.

In 2004 we want to develop our actions with the European "Youth Programme". The name of our project is "20.000 Leagues" : it aims to develop artistic & cultural activities of insertion and of professional formations linked to the trades of the performing arts and maritime heritage. We need to get in touch with european structures that have similar aims in order to start a collaboration in the framework of this project.

All contact you can give would be helpful but we almost need links in Roma and Warsaw.

Contact details:

Association Pulsart
Nadine COQUE
19, Rue Gaston Lauriau

Tel: 01 48 58 28 24
Fax: 01 48 58 20 05
E-mail: nadine.pulsart@wanadoo.fr

"Loksa Youth Media Centre" - Estonia

Loksa Youth Media Centre is a group of local Estonian and Russian students acting in the frame of Loksa Open Youth Centre run by a NGO LOKSA.

Activities: making TV broadcasts for local television cable network. LYMC was established in spring 2003. The aim of it was to improve the knowledge and practical skills of local youngsters in the field of telemedia. The practical outcome is bilingual broadcasts about local issues translated via local cable-TV network. In the year 2003 the LYMC started with more ambitious project of TV quiz show between local Estonian and Russian schools, young people.

The idea of the project is to give effect to an international TV quiz show between two or more schools/youth groups from different countries. It can be implemented via Internet in real time.

The participants can be two (or more) youth media groups (as organizing teams) and correspondingly two (or more) competing teams from schools. The aim of the project is intercultural learning by mutual relationship during the process of the preparation and implemetation of the quiz show.

Our preferences in terms of type of project and dates of activites are:

2004 - preparation visits, 2005 - international quiz show.

Each country where a youth group is dealing with telemedia and finds our proposal interesting is welcomed to be a partner.

Contact details:

Mr. Mihkel Tiks (languages spoken Estonian, Russian, English, Finnish)
GSM: +372-5225422;
tel/fax: +3726077156;
address: Kolgakyla, Loksa vald, 74803 Harju maakond, Estonia
E-mail: mihkel@loksa.ee

Looking for contacts - Barcelona - Spain

I'm writing from ARTIXOC, a youth organization settled in Barcelona dealing with Arts and Youth in the European Union. We are looking for contacts in the EU to build a project for this summer vacations. We are interested in participating in any activity dealing with Arts, and we are specially fond of theater. We would be very grateful if you could spread our call.

This is our profile:
Type of project: Arts and Youth for Social change
Number of young people: 12 from 15 to 16 years old
Background: youth living in a rural area
Favorite dates: summer 2004
Contact person: Agia Luna
Organization: ARTIXOC

tel: +34 93 296 41 00
fax: +34 93 490 03 92
mob: +34 667 53 81 34

Looking forward for some news!
Yours Sincerely,
Agia Luna

Looking for partners for multilateral exchange

Our exchange project should be about youth culture (free-time activities, music, relationships, religion, school, etc.)

We are looking for similar groups of youngsters who likes to discuss and have workshops about different aspects of youth culture. We hope that art will integrate the youth from different European countries ans raise awareness of other culture, so we plan to organize the artistic workshops along with multinational education in form of direct discussion on culture and religious tolerance We would like to talk about art, music, sport, national culture and society and to exchange experiences with partners from foreign countries. We want to bring together young people from 6 European countries so that they can share their experiences concerning their different arts and cultures.

Costs and reimbursement:

1. Board and lodging are covered by the project budget;

2. 70% of the travel expenses will be reimbursed on the basis of the most economic transport fairs (APEX, student fare etc.); Also there are limitations for the travel reimbursements, depending on the country and the distance (detailed table will be send to the selected participants).

3. Participation fee is 60 EUR . The fee will be deducted from the travel reimbursement.


Eligibility participants:

Representatives of non-profit and non-governmental organizations,

Fluent in English Language

10 participant for each country(9+1 group leader)

If you are interested to take part in the project proposed, please send us back the letter of intent at lates on the 20. th of March. The letter for partner organisation could be sent at fax number:004021.3124816.If you have any question please contact us by e-mail: daniel_rat2003@yahoo.com

Best regards,

George Bojoaga


Name of your group: Youthclubs in Karlstad, Sweden
Contact person: Holger Bryntesson When can you be contacted?: Daytime
Address: Fritidsfφrvaltningen, S-651 84 Karlstad
Country: Sweden
Telephone no.: +46 70 296 10 30 (mobile phone)
Fax no.: +46 54 29 55 01
E-mail: holger.bryntesson@karlstad.se
Website: www.karlstad.se
Language spoken: English

Please describe your group/organization
(Target group: age of group members, number in group, gender etc.; activities, …):

We are 9 Youthclubs, run by the municipalicy of Karlstad. The Youthclubs have youthactivities like youthcafι with open activities, groupactivities and weekend arrangements.

We have also a long experience of youth exchange projects in the EU-programme “YOUTH”.
One of our most experienced Youthclub manager, Per Anders Persson, came up with this Seminar idea.


Name of the Seminar: “Pathfinder”  - We will arrange a Seminar in Karlstad, Sweden, late February 2005 for youthleaders in Europe.

The purpose with this Seminar is how to find paths for youth to grow and take steps in their development into the adult life. You, as a youthleader, shall be a good example for the youth and sometimes accompany them some steps on the “path” to be a good human being.

We will have lectures about this theme. People with long experience of youthwork will participate in the lectures.
The participants shall bring good (local) examples of projects or activities, which have made young people grow. We want you to bring material to help you make a short presentation (ca 15 min) of your project/activity.

The Seminar will be 4 days. End of February, 2005 (date not decided yet)

Partner countries:
All countries in YOUTH, we would like to involve new countries in EU.
Language for exchange: English

Ethics and sports in the free time

The School’s Sports Club /SSC/ in Vicho Grancharov Secondary Comprehensive School – Gorna Oriahovitza, Bulgaria, was established in 2003 and includes the students’ representative teams and preparatory groups. Today it comprises ten teams, sections and sports structures with 310 student members of 12 to 18 years of age. Its participants go in actively for the following sports and games – track-and-field events, basketball, volleyball, football, handball, table tennis, tourism, martial arts, majoretting and folk dances.

For the purpose of better succession there are six preparatory groups at the SSC with 110 students from the age of 9 to 11 years. They train basketball, table tennis, martial arts, handball, modern and folk dances.

Our athletes ranked 3rd and 4th at the finals of the “Student games – 2002 and 2003”.

In 2003 our juvenile handball team ranked 3rd at the zone finals in the town of Lovech and our basketball team ranked 2nd at the zone final in the town of Shoumen in the I National Streetball tournament.

In the recent two years our young tourists have popularized and participated in the National tourist initiatives “Friends with tourism” and “Get to know your country”. The SSC participated actively in the Socrates program project of the Administrative and research center in Ravena town, Italy on the subject “All sports in the compulsory school education”. In February 2004, the SSC got acquainted with the project of Bogazici University in Istanbul, Turkey on the subject “Sport without violence”. At the moment 15 students at the age of 15-18 from the SSC are developing a project of the “Youth” program on the subject “Ethics and sports in the free time” and expect its realization at the beginning of August 2004.

We are looking for a partner for a two-sided exchange which we will host
and if you find the subject interesting, please get in touch –
e-mail: md_go@abv.bg

Eurodesk Bulgaria
Youth House
5, Mano Todorov street,
P.O. Box 99,
5100 Gorna Oryahovitza,
tel: ++359 618 60377,
e-mail: md_go@abv.bg

The connection between culture and drug abuse among young people

CONTACT PERSON (+ languages spoken) : Jaanika Mirka (Estonian, English, Russian)

CONTACT DATA (address, phone, fax, website) : +372 58 048 662
Karste, Kanepi vald, Pυlvamaa, 63103, Estonia

E-mail : jaanika.mirka@mail.ee
Please describe your group (age, number of people, occupation – students, unemployed, working people, etc) and your activities (is it an organisation, a youth club, a group of friends, etc): We are active young people between 19-23 (young workers and students) who would like to meet a group from abroad to talk and exchange opinions about our cultures.

Please describe your project idea – what could be the theme, who could be the participants, etc. :
”The connection between culture and drug abuse among young people.”

Please specify, which type of project would you like to do and do you have any preferences in terms of the dates, hosting-sending, etc..
We would like to do the project that containes research among young people, also the exchanging opinions and finding solutions to our theme.
All the information comes to:

Please specify from which countries are you looking for a partner group or organization (in case you have preferences) : The communication should be dome in English.

ACTION 1: Arts, music and theatre as prevention tools in the fight against racism and intolerance

Organization name: Ugt (Unione Giovanile Troiana)

Contact person: Angelo Catalano

Address: Via Dante n.3/8
71029 Troia (fg) Italia
tel. 00390881970007

we organize cultural events for young people
DESCRIPTION OF THE GROUP: we are a group of 30 youngsters aged between 16 and 25.

We are looking for a partner in any country to join a multilateral project.
Languages spoken: Italian and English

Dear friends,

We are a non governmental and no profit organisation from Italy.
We are a group of twenty people between 15-17 years old. We would like to invite you on an international youth exchange that we're planing to organize in September 2004.

It will take place in one of the most beautiful places in Italy: Varallo Sesia, situated in the north-west of Italy, below the Alps.

What we guarantee:
· Accomodation in "oratorio"
· Full board during project
· Transport from the airport, railway or bus station to the site of the
· Leisure and cultural program (trip to the Sacro Monte,excursions to the
mountains, Saturday night at the disco etc.)
Profile of the participants:
· 15 - 20 people between 15-17 years old (one or two group leaders)
· shoud be able to use English language

All organisations and groups that are interested in partecipating in our
project are welcome to contact us on the following e-mail address:


Looking forward to your answer.
Best regards.
Young people from VARALLO

Sustainable development in view of youth

ASK CR prepares for this year international youth meeting (camp).

This meeting (camp) will most likely in term 12 – 22 August 2004

This actual topic is very closely touching especially young generation, who should have highest interest on deal with those controversial questions of future live. We assume that this topic is in center of work and activities of your organization Program of meeting (camp) include presentation of Czech experts on this topic and discussions with them, excursions in regions with positive and negative impact to environment. Those excursions include: coal strip mining, atomic power plant or oil mining in CZ. There will be trip to capital Prague a second largest city in CZ.

We plan this meeting (camp) be 10 days long. Total number of participants 50 people, from each organization 10 people. Communication and working language will be English. Accommodation will be at double bed rooms with bathroom at room. Meeting (camp) will be in term 12 – 22 September 2004.

If you are interested in camp like this please let as know at ask@askcr.cz

Zbynek Solc
Eurodesk - Brno, Czech Republic
Josefska 15
602 00 Brno
Czech Republic

mobile: +420 605 830 889
tel: +420 542 210 030
fax: +420 542 210 030

e-mail: ask@askcr.cz

Looks, and the secrets beneath it!

All you young, active and ambitious citizens in the capitals of European countries, let's join our forces! We want to discover the secrets behind our looks. Clothes, jewellery and hair-cuts can tell a lot about your way of thinking, attitude towards life and your nature.

We are looking for groups of determined young people at the age of 15 to 25.

The point of the project is:
- to question young people of different backgrounds (let them fill in applications with different questions about them),
- to capture their looks on camera,
- then make conclusions within your own country based on the results of the questioning and the filming process,
- an exhibition in your own country and then
- all the representatives of each capital come together and share the knowledge they have gained during the project.

Finally a brilliant film will be made starring the most interesting people who were involved in the project.

It will last for about half a year or so and we expect the groups working with us to question about 300 youngsters. So the more groups we find from different capitals of European countries the better.

The project will give an overview of how differently youngsters dress, behave and therefore think.

Looking forward to active co-operation.
For more information contact us:
Britta Gassmann
e-mail: nikitabritta@yahoo.com

ASIG e.V. is an unselfish non-profit-making organization, which built up and looks after the "Network of Berlin pupils companies". Young persons with special needs in education (disabled in learning) are working in this project. At the moment they carry on 65 pupils companies in 25 schools all over Berlin, supported by educators, teachers and practice assistances. Mainly trades are:

- catering
- bakery
- wood and metal workshop
- multimedia
- bicycle workshop
- textile workshop and others.

We look for partners for youth meetings (in the frame of the EU-program "youth") to support the mobility of the disabled young persons, get to know other languages and cultures, reduction in own anxieties and mental reservations and to open the view for a common Europe.

Partners can be other organizations or associations, which work in this area, just as schools, which work in choice of occupation and practical training for young persons disabled in learning.

Our pupils are mainly between 14 and 19 years old. We are also very interested in partners of rural regions.

Please name us organizations or social facilities which are interested in a partnership, because we haven't the necessary addresses or data.

You can reach us under:

Phone: +49(0)30 4690540
Fax: +49(0)30 46905420
Email: koehn@asig-berlin.de
Internet: www.nebs.de

Yours sincerely

Arno Schelzke
Sybille Kφhn

project manager

We are looking for a group to carry out an exchange with from more or less anywhere in Europe. We have a group of 14 youths all between 14 and 16 years old. A cultural, sporty, into the outdoors theme would be best, mixed male and female. The Hebrides are very desolate and far away and Gaelic is spoken as well as English. Any group coming here would love the scenery, beaches and hill walking.

The contact details are:
Donald Macleod
’The Lewis and Harris Youth Clubs Association’


Sr. Jesϊs Gil Martinez
C/. Castilla, 8- 2Ί F
50009. Zaragoza (Espaρa)
Tl: 00 34 976 750817
FAX: 00 34 976 750817

12nd January 2004.

We come from Zaragoza. It is almost in the North-East of Spain. It is the country town of Aragon, with a population of approximately 750.000. We are a music association called Trovador. Trovador Music Association was formed in 1986 and comprises a young orquestra (15-25 years old). We play Spanish mandolines, lutes and Spanish guitar. The Trovador Orquestra has 30 members in all.

We have a tradition of visits abroad and exchanges with groups of musicians from other countries. We have visited in previous years San Juan de Luz and Paris in France, Leicester in England, Magdeburg in Germany, Lisboa in Portugal and Brugge in Belgiλ.

We are interested in a group for exchange in 2004. We are interested in a young music group. (15 - 25 years old).

We usually organize in Zaragoza two concerts, excursions and tourists visits for your group. The exchange is about 6 days. We participate in an European programme for Youth Exchange. We have an interpreter, if necessary. We speak English, Spanish and French.

The spanish group could visit you in August. Your group could visit us in Zaragoza in April,July, August.

We bring you greetings from Zaragoza. We hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you.

Our address is: Jesϊs Gil Martinez C/. Castilla, 8-2Ί F 50009. Zaragoza (Espaρa).
Tl: 00 34 976 750817
Fax: 00 34 976 750817 Jesϊs Gil Martinez


Name of group/organization: Pomαzi Zeneiskola
Country: Hungary
Address: H-2013 Pomαz, Templom tιr 3. Pf:65
Tel/fax: 36 26 525 330
E-mail: pomazene@freemail.hu
Website: www.pomazene.ngo.hu
Contact person: Αsztai Csabαnι

Organisation’s profile:
Our school is a music school, we teach classical, folk and jazz music. We have 504 pupils and 37 teachers.
We have 21 different ensembles, choirs, bands, orchestras, historical dance group etc.
We often play musicals.

Age: 15-20
Number of participants: 35
Participants profile: pupils

Type of cooperation: multilateral

Brief descpition of the project:
”Let’s make music and dance togather for Europe.”
During the common work we would like to know much more about each other, about the different nations’ tradition, history, with the help of music and dance.
Countries the project would like to involve: any
Date of activities: 2005 any
Working language: english,

The data of the present partner finding request is accessible
on our website:

Name of group/organization: Ecomission21century
Country: Bulgaria
Address: 5500Lovech
gen.Gembizki 1, bl.Oasis, B,10
Tel/fax: ++359 68 4 18 34
E-mail: ecomission21@lovechonline.net
Contact person: Nelli Miteva
Organisation’s profile: Yuong people - work in Ecology

Age: 15-20
Number of participants: 25
Participants profile: any

Type of cooperation: any
Brief descpition of the project: Ecology, travel
Countries the project would like to involve: any
Date of activities: any any
Working language: english,

The data of the present partner finding request is accessible
on our website:

The name of your GROUP or ORGANISATION: NGO Bona Fide
The name of the CONTACT PERSON of your group or organisation (+ languages
spoken): Merle Uuspalu mob. +37251936007 english, russian, estonian
Julia Tiido +37255568729 english, russian, estonian

CONTACT DATA (address, phone, fax, website) : NGO Bona Fide/Merle Uuspalu Estonia
Paldiski mnt. 197 - 5   13 518 Tallinn

E-mail : merle.uuspalu@just.ee , julia.tiido@just.ee

Please describe your group (age, number of people, occupation – students, unemployed, working people, etc) and your activities (is it an organisation, a youth club, a group of friends, etc):
The NGO ”Bona Fide” was established in 2002 by probation officers. At the moment it consists of 10 members. We deal with people who have been punished in the criminal order: prevention, consulting, supporting and organizing their spare-time. Please describe your project idea – what could be the theme, who could be the participants, etc.: Our aim is to improve our knowledge in the field of criminal prevention, get acquainted with the work that is done within the member countries of the EU. Theme - reducing the level of recurrent crimes among the youth. Therefore we are very much intrested in the co-operation with different institutions, organizations whose field of activity refers to dealing with youth wrongdoers. Please specify, which type of project would you like to do and do you have any preferences in terms of the dates, hosting-sending, etc.: The aim of educational visit is the reciprocal exchange of experience in the same field of activity, to watch what are the methods of working with underage wrongdoers in the member countries of the EU.

Please specify from which countries are you looking for a partner group or organisation (in case you have preferences): Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Holland, Sweden.


Name of the organisation/group: SALESIAN HOUSE FOR THE YOUNG OFFENDERS
Name of contact person: Edyta Wirkowska
Street and number: RσΏanystok 13 B
Postal code and town: 16-200 Dabrowa Bialostocka
Country and region: Poland,
Telephone at work: +48 857128408
Telephone at home: +48 502853574
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Salesian House for the Young Offenders was organized and formed for social disadvantaged young men (between 13 and 18 years ) from pathological and dysfunctional families. The House has created its own educational system , based on Salesian preventive system of St. John Bosco.The main guideline of the House is to restore the youngsters to normal life with the help of Bosco’s system. The organisation is a live-in community of pupils and teachers

The House is situated in small village –Rozanystok, in north-eastern part of Poland. This place is located in the country where 300 farmers live. It is not the industrial region of Poland but peaceful countryside dwelt by not wealthy men.

We propose cooperation to all interested. It will include:

- meetings and international youth exchange ,
- european voluntary,
- creation of youth politics projects,
- searching for alternatives forms of preventing negative behaviors among youth

“The Borders of Common Diversity”

A multilateral youth exchange to be hosted in the town of Sozopol at Bulgarian seaside, 1-10 October 2004. The participants are young people coming from various EU-countries, accession countries, Russia and Turkey, aged 17-25. The number of participants per organization is yet to be confirmed.

The aim of the project is to go beyond the concept of united Europe and explore the different perceptions of it. Its main objective is the exchange of ideas about the political, geographical and cultural borders of Europe through discussions, interactive games and making of projects in several working groups. These activities will not only lead to the adoption of a common position on where the borders of Europe are, but in doing so, will also explore the similarities and the differences that exist between young people coming from different cultural, historical and social backgrounds. Through this concept of “common diversity” the project envisages to prove that no matter what differences exist in the points of view of young people from different countries, they can peacefully live together in an united Europe.

The activities of the project will include five workshops where people of different background will discuss the borders of Europe in regard to:

1.historical, geographical and political common features;
2.religious, ethnical and traditional similarities;
3.common language and common culture;
4.the European concepts of human rights and civil society ;
5.The global opposition – North-South or rather East –West? Is the term Europe equal to the term European Union?

Apart from discussion, the activities will also include interactive games, elaboration of common positions, interviews with local people, presentations in the open, visits to places of interest in the neighbourhood. All positions will be revised by a plenary of all participants and the ones adopted will be sent to national and foreign media, to governmental structures.

The organizer of this exchange is “Glamorous Future” – a Bulgarian NGO, working in the field of youth and social problems.

The costs are 30% of the travel expenses and a participation of 50 euro. 70% of the travel by cheapest means, board, lodging, activities and transport within the country are provided by the organizers.

The working languages will be English and German (some of the workshops will be held in German).

The partner organizations have to fill in Part III document and fax it back immediately to +359 2 748716, then send it by regular post as well to:

Alexander Birtzoev
Sveta Troitza, bl.377, entr. 2, fl.4, apt.18
1000 Sofia



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